2020年08月27日-Paper Cutting 切り絵, Statement

galeria_art_dual (587x700)

Next Group Exhibition
Dual Gallery Girona, Catalunya
1st-5th,8th-10th, September, 2020

Satoshi Komatsubara, Megumi Mochizuki, Leo Sasaki

Exhibition Statement/
When we began to plan this exhibition this March, our goal was to express unique Japanese “thoughts and feelings about material” differing from Catalan ones.

At that time, we were scheduled to stay in Catalonia, to communicate and share the “gap” of each other’s senses through our work produced with local materials in the Japanese sensibility.

However, the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 made it difficult for us to travel from Japan, produce work in Catalonia and use the usual methods of production as originally planned, which resulted in the double gaps of “sense of Japanese or Catalan” and “usual or unusual situations”.

We named this exhibition “MATERIAL INCIDENT”.
This meant that we would take the initiative in causing an incident under the theme of material. But in fact, this pandemic involved us in “MATERIAL INCIDENT”.

Under the circumstance of “being trapped in the gap while we tried to bring the gap”, at a certain place on earth far from Catalonia, struggling each other against the reality, and taking all available measures, this is the exhibition we finally achieve.




展覧会のタイトル「MATERIAL INCIDENT」は、私達が主体として素材をテーマに出来事を起こすことを意図している。だが今回のパンデミックで、予期せず私達自身が「MATERIAL INCIDENT」に巻き込まれることになった。


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