“You didn’t use a laser machine to create this!?”
At an exhibition, someone said to me in front of my work. I will never forget this word.

The technique of paper-cutting is very simple.
Cut out countless shapes from a single sheet of paper. There is nothing in the cropped part.Every time a peace of paper is cut out, a line is born, a shape appears, and a beautiful object shows up.In terms of substance, by reducing a large part of a paper, the remaining part is reborn as a beautiful art, which seems transparent to light and creates shadows.

Today, in every field, it is natural to promote mechanization and enhance efficiency. But I spend time cutting a piece of paper by hand with a knife.Sometimes I spend several weeks working on a sheet of paper with length of six meters, and width of one meter.From the first cutting to the last one, I never fail in cutting. Human hands can do this.
The works manufactured by hand finally come to life. Breathing, swinging in each line. It’s difficult the laser machine gives life to a piece of paper.

I will not give up making by hand.
Through the creative process, I will pursue the possibilities of handwork. And through my works, I will convey this message.
This is my mission and my responsibility because I met this simple (but fateful) technique of paper-cutting.

Paper-cutting is the LIFE itself, for me.






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