【KG+】望月めぐみ/村山修二郎 写真小史―紙と人と町と木と Megumi Mochizuki / Shujiro Murayama Exhibition A Brief History of Photography ― Paper, People, Towns, and Trees


望月めぐみ/村山修二郎 展覧会 写真小史―紙と人と町と木と

monade contemporary|単子現代
2024年4月13日(土)~5月12日(日)|木・金・土・日 14~19時
〒605-0829京都市東山区月見町10-2 八坂ビル地下1階
+ ことばを食べるカフェ みずうみ *併設のカフェもお楽しみいただけます。

monade contemporary | 単子現代では、望月めぐみと村山修二郎による「写真小史―紙と人と町と木と」をKG+とともに開催します。


花鳥風月や植物、神話などをモチーフに作品を制作してきた望月めぐみは、切り絵のにじみやぼかしの表現に着目して切り絵とフォトグラムを組み合わせたPCPG(papercutting photogram)を発明し、和紙特有の感触を活かして存在とその気配を表現することに挑みます。




東京生まれ。東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科 博士後期課程美術専攻壁画修了 博士(美術)。植物に内在する初源的な力を抽出した作品制作、社会地域活動、ワークショップなどを様々な地域で行っている。(秋田公立美術大学准教授 2018年4月~)


Megumi Mochizuki / Shujiro Murayama Exhibition
A Brief History of Photography ― Paper, People, Towns, and Trees

monade contemporary|単子現代
April 13 (Sat) – May 12 (Sun), 2024 | Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 14:00 –19:00
B1F Yasaka Bldg, 10-2 Tsukimi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 605-0829
*In cooperation with Café Mizuumi.

〈Exhibition Information〉
monade contemporary | 単子現代is pleased to present ” A Brief History of Photography ― Paper, People, Towns, and Trees” by Megumi Mochizuki and Shujiro Murayama in collaboration with KG+.

Towns have become people’s memories through being drawn by human hands, inscribed on paper born of wood, and left as photographs. The exhibition sheds light on the unique expressive techniques of Megumi Mochizuki and Shujiro Murayama, and approaches the history of photography along with various media and methodologies such as painting, photography, and paper-cutting.

Focusing on flowers, birds, wind, and the moon, plants, and mythologies, Megumi Mochizuki seeks to approach the existence and atmosphere through the PCPG (papercutting photogram) technique that combines paper cut-outs and photograms with the texture of handmade washi paper.

Working with plants, people, and communities in various locations, Shujiro Murayama, investigates his own technique “Ryokuga” (Green Painting) to draw and paint with the colors that raw plants themselves contain the world-living by using his bare hands on the paper and the wall.

How can a history of photography appear in between the paper cutting photogram PCPG and raw plants painging Ryokuga? Let us participate in the very source of photographic expression reexamined from the perspective of human historical perspective.


Shujiro Murayama
Born in Tokyo. Completion of Mural painting at the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts (Doctor, Art). He has been creating artworks, organizing social and community activities, and conducting workshops in various areas. (Associate Professor, Akita Public Arts College from April 2018 to the present)

Megumi Mochizuki
Paper-cutting artist. She studies the tangible and intangible historical heritage of Kyoto and other cities, and recreates the spirit of that heritage in her contemporary works. She is also interested in materials and has been researching traditional paper producing areas in Japan and abroad. A member of the Swiss paper cutting society.