Swiss Paper-cutting Exhibition in Luzern and Château-d’Œx スイス切り絵協会選抜展

〈Swiss Paper-cutting Exhibition in Luzern and Château-d’Œx〉

My work “Fuxi and Nuwa” was selected by the jury of the Swiss Paper Cutting Association and will be exhibited in two museums in Switzerland. I am really sorry that I can’t be there this time, but I hope many people in Europe will love it.

・2nd July to 16th October 2022, Hans Erni Museum, Luzern
・1st December 2022 to 26th Febraly 2023, Musee du Pays-d’Enhaut, Château-d’Œx

Der Verein Scherenschnitt Schweiz

The Swiss Paper Cutting Association regularly holds juried exhibitions of its members’ works at various locations. In 2022, the exhibition with the theme “Typically Swiss” will be hosted by the Hans Erni Museum. This is very fitting, as Hans Erni has also always been interested in his home country and in craft techniques. The exhibition shows the whole breadth of what paper-cutting can be today: from small-format works with traditional motifs to expansive, space-related works.

〈スイス切り絵協会選抜展 出品〉